Our approach to consulting is centered around clients, people and ideas. Our people are experienced consulting and industry professionals possessing the specialized expertise, industry knowledge and  leadership to take any project from strategy to execution – delivering measurable results for you and your business.

Our people are themselves entrepreneurs with a passion for consulting and for delivering client results and who welcome being challenged by complex business and technical problems across a multitude of industries.

We work in small teams and challenge our consultants to bring professionalism, energy, expertise, leadership, collaboration, endurance and motivation to each client engagement. We look for people who our clients want in the room when solving complex problems, when making hard decisions and when the work has to be done. Our consulting experience and skill requirements are demanding as both we and our clients expect. We set a very high bar for our consultants and follow a rigorous interview process and only select the best to work at our firm. As a result, we are a small firm with exceptional people. We also invest in our people, encouraging them to seek external certifications and learning’s.

We encourage our clients to challenge our consultants and together develop solutions to real business issues. Our point of view “7 Questions to Ask Your Consultant” represents the minimum bar for our consultants.

We challenge and expect our consultants to publish points of view in their area of expertise. Above all, our consultants bring the expertise, the inquiring mind and the ability to deliver measurable results on each engagement.

We support our consulting teams with hands on partner participation in a team environment that produces collaboration at all levels.


All consulting and industry experiences are valued at Kenny & Company. We are looking for people with a passion for consulting and delivering client results and who welcome being challenged by different industries, clients and problems. At Kenny & Company, you will be mentored and coached to achieve exceptional client results. Our hands on, partner participation and team environment accelerates your personal learning curve and we are committed to your success whether you remain at Kenny & Company for one or many years. Travel is optional for our Associates, Consultants, Managers and Directors – if you want to work closer to home you can. If we have out of town clients and you want to experience the adventure of travel, you can work on those engagements as well.

Our hands on, partner participation and team environment cuts through hierarchy to ensure your success. Your career will be based on the principles of meritocracy, experience and capability. Work with us. Experience the difference!
We are continually searching for experienced and committed individuals to join our firm. If you are interested in joining Kenny & Company please email your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are currently seeking experienced Consultants and Managers.

Associates and consultants are the face of Kenny & Company to our clients. Associates learn the consulting or industry skills that enable them to develop personally and professionally as well-rounded consultants capable of rigorous analysis and insight. They are directly involved in delivering results on each engagement.

Consultants are the heart of our firm and the core delivery team for our clients. Consultants are involved with the defining, analysis, planning and implementation and overall execution of client engagements. Consultants are experienced project managers familiar with multiple methodologies and project types. Consultants can lead small project teams and typically have 5+ years of experience.

Managers are trusted advisors to our clients and typically lead our engagements. Managers have developed consulting and industry skills that enable them to provide real insight. Managers are some of our most experienced project managers capable of delivering measurable results across a variety of engagements. Managers are typically MBA graduates and are capable of leading large project teams and typically have 7+ years of experience.

Directors with Kenny & Company are responsible for leading a Practice Area, Service Line or part of our business. Directors have specific industry or consulting expertise, have contributed to the development of the firm and its intellectual property and are seen as “experts” in a particular area. Directors may lead multiple engagements at a client or across clients. Directors typically have 10+ years of experience.

Partners with Kenny & Company are responsible for clients, our people and our ideas. They develop client relationships, provide engagement and industry expertise and drive recruiting and sales. Partners are also responsible for all our people and their extended families and ensuring that Kenny & Company delivers our commitment to them professionally and personally.