Business Challenge

Our client is a highly recognized county-based public health delivery system that is making substantial infrastructure and operational changes to keep pace with health reform. Our client wanted to better understand and fix prevalent data quality issues in order to be in compliance with health plan and state regulations.

The key issues that faced our client were:

  • Disparate systems capturing data inconsistently and incompletely.
  • Variable processes and commitment to capture important data in a timely and accurate fashion.
  • Pressure from both Medi-Cal managed care health plans to provide higher quality encounter and ancillary data, to meet state-regulated compliance guidelines.

Client & Engagement Quick Facts

  • Owns and manages four hospitals, several of which are teaching hospitals affiliated with universities, numerous hospital-based clinics and community health centers.
  • Rolling implementation of a new EHR system that, in certain areas, both continues to propagate data integrity issues and creates new issues.
  • Input from 12 end users in a variety of positions (physicians, nurses, administrators, technologists, managers) provided insight with system, process and operational data challenges.

Our Solution

After performing root-cause discovery on data quality issues at one facility, we developed comprehensive function-based process maps to identify each potential failure point, from a data quality perspective. We documented system configuration, process and role-based changes to improve data quality. We participated in work group meetings with the health plans to facilitate discussion on findings and recommendations.

Business Benefits

Our client has deep insight into the root causes of data quality issues and a path forward to both resolve current and avoid future issues. In addition, our client now has a robust methodology to assess, document, resolve and communicate data quality issues across the delivery system.

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