Business Challenge

Our client is an early stage technology company that is transforming the way the world plays the lottery. The CEO was seeking support to solve key strategic challenges that the organization faced.

The key issues that faced our client were:

  • Reviewing core work flows and generating problem solving app ideas
  • Optimizing business processes in operations
  • Assessing cost savings and benefits for a new strategy
  • Reviewing hosting platform options and publishing a website

Client & Engagement Quick Facts

  • Preparing for app release; approximately 10 employees
  • Created a customer journey map and proposed opportunities for UI and work flow enhancements
  • Presented key areas of focus for operations, highlighting maximum capacity, throughput and batch size
  • Developed a financial model to analyze an employee’s cost to the organization and determine regional tax costs and benefits
  • Selected a hosting platform and integrated a WordPress template for website launch

Our Solution

We created a customer journey map to provide insight on the actions, thoughts, and feelings of a new user through six stages in app discovery and exploration: past experience, awareness, engagement, purchase, anticipation, and reflection. The results revealed opportunities to enhance UI and work flow. We also explored business process optimization opportunities. An analysis of throughput, maximum capacity and batch sizing supported the overarching operations strategy. We reviewed a staffing strategy and analyzed the costs and benefits against comparable strategies. The financial model revealed regional cost savings. In addition, we supported the vendor selection process for a hosting platform and integrated a WordPress template for the organization’s website launch.

Business Benefits

Kenny & Company created actionable insights for leadership that helped support and prioritize strategic initiatives to create positive change within the organization through operational efficiency, cost savings, and application enhancements.

About Kenny & Company

Kenny & Company is an independent management consulting firm providing Strategy, Operations and Technology consulting services to our clients. Our management consulting practice, experience and insight also enable us to provide early stage venture capital investments to select startup companies, and through our philanthropic endeavors to give back to our communities.