Business Challenge

Our client is a Fortune 200 Consumer Goods company and a global manufacturer and retailer of apparel footwear & accessories. Our client was seeking to build a technology roadmap for its finance functions. A joint effort between the finance business function and technology solutions groups was assembled to collaborate on the current and future states of technology in finance.

The key challenges facing our clients were:

  • Ineffective relationship between business function and technology solutions groups
  • Unclear strategic vision and direction
  • Conflicting views and opinions from stakeholders
  • Inefficient budgeting processes
  • Lack of centralized information and reporting on current state of programs/projects

Client & Engagement Quick Facts

  • Identified finance industry technology trends
  • Determined current and prospective future states of client finance technology
  • Collaborative engagement team between business function and technology solutions director level personnel

Our Solution

While a technology roadmap was the initial goal of the engagement, it became quickly apparent that that the most beneficial end result for the client was to re-engage and strengthen the relationship between business function and technology solutions groups. A series of workshops, activities, and meetings were used to re-build relationships and define future functional and strategic finance technology goals into a roadmap.

Business Benefits

Kenny & Company assisted our client in identifying weak internal relationships and building a technology roadmap. As a result the finance technology group has a more defined set of objectives to improve their technology portfolio now and in the future.

About Kenny & Company

Kenny & Company is an independent management consulting firm providing Strategy, Operations and Technology consulting services to our clients. Our management consulting practice, experience and insight also enable us to provide early stage venture capital investments to select startup companies, and through our philanthropic endeavors to give back to our communities.