Business Challenge

Our client is a Fortune 200 Consumer Goods company and a global manufacturer and retailer of apparel, footwear & accessories. Our client was seeking to improve program and project delivery. Historically, our client often struggled to scope, estimate, plan and implement projects and deliver committed business value.

The key issues that faced our client were:

  • Challenges in scoping, estimating, planning and implementing programs and projects and delivering committed business value
  • SWAT teams frequently required to get failing projects back on track
  • Unstructured and sporadic project reviews and a lack of continuous learning related to program and project delivery
  • Several versions of waterfall and agile project delivery methods with significant time spent on re-invention of project processes and deliverables
  • Overly focused on delivering projects vs. delivering business value

Client & Engagement Quick Facts

  • Over 50 project reviews analyzed and 46 interviews with senior executives over a two month period
  • Developed 200+ Inferences, Themes, Benchmarks and Observations to support strategic and tactical recommendations

Our Solution

We conducted over 50 project reviews, 46 interviews in addition to a benchmarking analysis, to determine the root causes of program and project success and failure. We developed five strategic and 24 tactical recommendations to improve program and project delivery. The approach, analysis and recommendations were successfully audited by the client’s internal audit team.

Business Benefits

Kenny & Company assisted our client by providing a prioritized list of strategic and tactical recommendations to enable our client to improve program and project delivery and increase benefits realization.

About Kenny & Company

Kenny & Company is an independent management consulting firm providing Strategy, Operations and Technology consulting services to our clients. Our management consulting practice, experience and insight also enable us to provide early stage venture capital investments to select startup companies, and through our philanthropic endeavors to give back to our communities.