cloud-computingEvery new paradigm shift in Information Technology creates new challenges and opportunities. Cloud computing has the potential to offer substantial strategic, operational and technology opportunities for both the business and IT. Cloud Computing is changing the way organizations view and leverage technology and changing the role of IT.

However, despite the apparent simplicity of cloud computing, organizations must still fully understand the near and long term benefits, impact and cost by taking into account their current technology investments. Kenny & Company works with our clients to make informed decisions on what’s achievable and what makes business and IT sense when moving to the cloud. We help our clients through Service Catalog and Asset Management, Business Case Development, Technical Feasibility, Portfolio, Program and Project Management and Organizational Transformation.

As part of our IT Strategy offering, Kenny & Company provides a range of Educate, Navigate and Facilitate services where we help:

  • Educate clients on what’s achievable in the cloud and where it makes business and IT sense for their company to leverage the cloud based on their IT strategy and current investments
  • Navigate the cloud ecosystem and determine the right solution or combination of solutions to meet their business and IT objectives
  • Facilitate vendor evaluations and selection, then manage project implementations through our engagement leadership capabilities


  • Facilitate a discussion around your key IT and business challenges and objectives
  • Understand your current operational and IT environments, investments and strategy to begin the discussion of where cloud computing can be leveraged and align with an existing strategy
  • Introduction to cloud computing capabilities including Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Identify which cloud technology delivery method: a public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure would best align to your organizational and IT needs
  • Optimize IT strategy and roadmap to include deployment and utilization of cloud technology


  • Work with key stakeholders across the organization to identify near and long term business and IT objectives
  • Document how the cloud can meet the needs of the business and what people, processes and technologies are necessary
  • Perform a detailed review of your application workloads, dependencies, and all related infrastructure and operations
  • Prepare a customized roadmap of your cloud adoption strategy including the short-list of supporting technologies to evaluate to help you reach your near and long-term objectives
  • Develop business case with cost-benefit analysis to clearly communicate the objective, strategy and value in adopting cloud technology for executives and key stakeholders
  • Identify new skill capabilities that will be required among your staff and help perform gap assessment against existing skills matrix


  • Document your business, technical and organizational requirements into a customized cloud design and project plan
  • Work with your team to conduct cloud technology and service provider evaluations, demonstrations or request for proposals and support selection of technology and supporting services based on requirements and strategy
  • Identify opportunities for business process optimization that align with existing or tailored cloud technology functionality and workflows based on standards or best practices
  • Develop the program scope, schedule, effort, resources, cross-program dependencies, risks and financial implications
  • Lead and manage overall cloud program and associated projects from all implementation phases to go-live