Business Challenge

Our client is an enterprise software company providing both SaaS and on premise solutions for the global property and casualty insurance industry. To scale for future growth and revenue objectives, our client began re-organizing the Professional Services Group and implementing new delivery processes to meet with the additional forecasted customer sales. Kenny & Company was asked to build a Resource Management Practice and Framework that would support the rapid growth and the new Professional Services structure by providing essential capacity data and metrics to our client’s executives.

The key issues that faced our client were:

  • The inability to estimate production and project work accurately impacted key project delivery milestones and customer satisfaction.
  • Inaccurate measures of current and future resource capacity impacted project planning and roadmap development.
  • Resource utilization calculations were inconsistent across the organization – creating several versions of the “truth” and miscommunicated organizational abilities.

Client & Engagement Quick Facts

  • 12-month engagement
  • Designed, developed and implemented resource management processes across the organization
  • Reengineered capacity planning methods and implemented KPIs to manage resources effectively

Our Solution

Kenny & Company brought process design expertise, process improvement skills, and resource management knowledge to assist the client gather and document resource management process and data requirements, update and reengineer the capacity planning methods, and to develop new templates, reports and tools to manage personnel across all Professional Services projects. Our team developed detailed process flow charts, capacity planning and resource management tools, a resource utilization strategy and report, and identified pain points and areas of improvement.

Business Benefits

This engagement helped the client to meet and manage planned customer demand, manage personnel utilization using a consistent approach across all Professional Services based on best practices used in the industry and optimize capacity to meet customer objectives and requirements based on timely data. The client now has process documentation in place, a strategy to assess resource utilization, a framework and tools to assess capacity and planned demand, and actionable recommendations to address the pain points identified during the project.

About Kenny & Company

Kenny & Company is an independent management consulting firm providing Strategy, Operations and Technology consulting services to our clients. Our management consulting practice, experience and insight also enable us to provide early stage venture capital investments to select startup companies, and through our philanthropic endeavors to give back to our communities.