startupAt Kenny & Company, we’re entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs. We leverage our business and technical expertise as consultants to help young companies grow. We enable entrepreneurs to focus on their product or service, and work with them to develop comprehensive business plans, financial analysis and strategic go to market approaches, in addition to making introductions to the investment community through our own network. Our ultimate goal is to see other entrepreneurs be successful by complementing their ingenuity with our ability to help develop their story as a viable business opportunity attractive to investors.

For emerging companies that have overcome the initial hurdle of getting their company off the ground and have experienced some level of success and growth, the challenges are quite different in comparison to when they were starting up. In our  Emerging-Established Company Roadmap & Architecture, we have identified several operational challenges emerging companies face when scaling their business that can paralyze them and in some cases lead to failure.

Our clients rely on our ability to establish and implement a strategy for operational growth and efficiency, bringing the right blend of process and structure that act as the framework for supporting growth while still preserving their start-up spirit and culture. Every client is different and our approach, while based on experience and proven methods, is tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients and create an environment to sustain and support continued growth.