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In addition to our early stage micro venture capital investments, we provide advisory services to selected startups. Our objective is to help startups become established and in many cases, advice and connections are required prior to investment. In some situations, we offer our services ranging from general services advisory to board positions pro-bono.

Early Stage Venture Capital

In addition to our management consulting practice, Kenny & Company invests in select startup companies via direct financial investment or a combination of direct financial investment and consulting services. Our current investment focus is on high growth opportunities in Software, Mobility, Social Media and Gaming. With an office in Silicon Valley, we are at the epicenter of ingenuity, creativity and entrepreneurship.

We are entrepreneurs looking to invest in other entrepreneurs to help great ideas become great companies. Kenny & Company provides capital and management support for startup companies and their investment strategy – from “A demo and a deck” through to Seed and up to Series A funding.  We also help other early stage investors by bringing our consulting services to start-ups, enabling them to operate more efficiently and to achieve both their and their investor objectives.

Our Investment Strategy

Our strategy is to build and maintain a portfolio of startup companies that represent high growth opportunities in potentially disruptive technologies. We are experienced with the risks of early stage venture capital investments and believe in the power of entrepreneurs and their ideas. We have ourselves started successful companies and invest in people with passion, experience and management consulting practice knowledge.

What We Provide

Our initial investment is typically in the range of $25,000 to $100,000. We make either a direct financial investment or a combination of direct financial investment and management consulting services. Our investment vehicles can be either equity or convertible notes. We work actively with very early stage companies to help them refine their product/services concept, and their business and investment strategy and provide hands on management services.

As needed, our professionals work with and for a startup company to support a range of activities including performing market due diligence and analysis, business case development, optimizing product development processes and performing product QA and testing.

Our Process

  • Screening: A screening meeting with one of our Partners – if there is mutual interest, we will begin due diligence immediately.
  • Due Diligence: We will review the team’s background and track record. We will verify the idea, the addressable market, the business plan, presentation, and financial projections.
  • Partner Review: After screening and due diligence, one of our Partners will present the investment opportunity to the Kenny & Company Partner team with his or her recommendation. The Partner team will make a collaborative investment decision and determine the type and level of investment.
  • Investment & Options: Once we have decided to invest we will discuss investment timing and options.
  • Ongoing Support: After our investment we will stay engaged with the startup to receive updates and provide ongoing advice, support and network opportunities. As needed, we may have one of our staff work with your team.