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At Kenny & Company we foster a collaborative, mentoring and learning culture with both our clients and our employees. We seek to develop our clients as businesses and our people as world-class management consultants. We will push you to learn and do and to demonstrate your knowledge through client work, firm opportunities and publishing your insights. You will have direct and constant access to our partners and mentoring from day one.

We also promote a philanthropic awareness through our community action days and other philanthropic efforts. Each year, we donate a significant percentage of our profits to a philanthropic organization and encourage our employees to do likewise. Work with us. Experience the difference!


Health Coverage

Comprehensive set of standard and voluntary benefit plans including medical, dental, disability, flexible spending and life insurance.


With a 401(k) plan, you manage your retirement account. Our 401(k) plan can be customized to fit your saving needs.

Paid Time Off

All of our consultants start with two weeks of paid time off. This time is increased appropriate to their level and years at Kenny & Company

Job Openings