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Business Challenge

Our client is a Fortune 1000 financial institution located in Silicon Valley – serving emerging and established companies involved in technology, life sciences, and private equity, and providing customized financing to entrepreneurs, executives, and investors in the aforementioned industries. Kenny & Company was asked to perform an assessment of their data management processes and systems in order to provide more insight into their current data issues and process inefficiencies.

The objectives of this Business Assessment were to conduct a problem identification and structuring related to our client’s Master Data Management (MDM). MDM was defined as consisting of five components: Data Aggregation, Data Quality, Data Analysis, Data Access/Availability and Data Retention and to provide related recommendations.

The focus on MDM was refined, however, after the initial engagement. The initial engagement objectives were to assist in identifying and structuring several “issues” that our client was experiencing. Further discussions led to the realization that these were centered on “Data Integrity”. MDM consisting of: Data Aggregation, Data Quality, Data Analysis, Data Access/Availability and Data Retention was subsequently determined to be a more precise term and thus was the basis for the analysis.

The key issues that faced our client were:

  • Systems and Data Abound: The systems landscape was characterized by an abundance of systems and data. There were at least 18 disparate systems with limited integration and several data and information silos. There were many purely manual processes as workarounds.
  • Manual vs. Automated Data Aggregation: The ability to extract, aggregate and analyze data from different systems was for the most part, a manual activity. Subsequent data analysis and reporting was a laborious task, most of which occurs in spreadsheets.
  • Ad-Hoc Data Analysis: The data analysis needs of our client were often met through ad hoc, Microsoft Excel driven, report generation that increased risk and was prone to error.
  • Lack of Technology Roadmap: Our client seemingly lacked a technology roadmap and had implemented system and process solutions primarily based on short term needs rather than the strategic priorities of the organization.

Client & Engagement Quick Facts

  • Two-month project duration
  • 10+ internal interviews with client’s executives, managers, and functional experts
  • Five key recommendations were proposed to our client based on our assessment

Our Solution and Business Benefits

Five key recommendations were developed to address our client’s Master Data Management issues. The recommendations, “headlines” and 9-point problem analysis were designed to jointly make the case for corporate support in addressing the significant Master Data Management issues and needs of our client.

About Kenny & Company

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