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By Peter Daheb Category IT Business Requirements Gathering & Analysis Healthcare

Business Challenge

Our client is a highly recognized health system of inpatient care, outpatient health centers, medical groups and virtual care services. As part of an ongoing effort to improve patient experience, a program for structuring best practice communications and developing relationship based care approaches with patients was established.

To support this program, a custom application and dashboard were developed to track and report on the performance of program related activities. The solutions faced several issues including application source data quality and completeness, and complexity in the disparate application and dashboard solution architectures.

The key challenges facing our clients were:

  • Inability to report accurately on performance against expectations or completed activities due to missing data elements and historical data from upstream source systems
  • Unable to accurately calculate and validate metrics due to dual business logic in the application and dashboard
  • Existing code base is unstructured causing difficulty in on-going development and application performance issues

Client & Engagement Quick Facts

  • Two month project duration
  • Approximately 8,600 application and dashboard users
  • Developed business case and proposal for CIO and CEO to determine path forward for issue resolution and system enhancements

Our Solution

Kenny & Company conducted a comprehensive current state assessment by: 1) Interviewing key stakeholders to identify key issues surrounding the application, dashboard and upstream systems impacting data quality, 2) Performing a root cause analysis of all existing issues 3) Working with key stakeholders to identifying potential solutions to resolve all major issues and future enhancements to improve functionality 4) Estimating the effort for all potential resolutions options 5) Developing a proposed timeline and roadmap for fixing key issues and implementing proposed enhancements.

Business Benefits

Our client was able to clearly articulate all issues with executive leadership with a plan to resolve them and implement enhancements to the program’s supporting technologies. With the current state assessment and future state proposal, including scope and effort estimates across supporting teams, our client was able to communicate the priority and severity of this project to key executives to enable decision making based on the business case justification and investment expectations.

About Kenny & Company

Kenny & Company is a management consulting firm offering Strategy, Operations and Technology services to our clients.

We exist because we love to do the work. After management consulting for 20+ years at some of the largest consulting companies globally, our partners realized that when it comes to consulting, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Instead, we’ve created a place where our ideas and opinions are grounded in experience, analysis and facts, leading to real problem solving and real solutions – a truly collaborative experience with our clients making their business our business.

We focus on getting the work done and prefer to let our work speak for itself. When we do speak, we don’t talk about ourselves, but rather about what we do for our clients. We’re proud of the strong character our entire team brings, the high intensity in which we thrive, and above all, doing great work.

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