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Business Challenge

Our client is a highly recognized county-based public health system. Their Management Services Organization (MSO) division engaged Kenny & Company to build the breadth and depth of their human capital through a Professional Development Program.

The key issues that faced our client were:

  • New healthcare regulations, technologies, programs, and care delivery systems are continually changing the way healthcare organizations operate.
  • Significant changes required a reassessment and refinement of talent and skills within the organization.
  • The organization’s diversity across departments, roles, and experience necessitated a customized training program.

Client & Engagement Quick Facts

  • Over 200 employees, many were union members.
  • Developed and performed a Training Self-Assessment Survey to identify training opportunities within the MSO.
  • Identified and developed 15 training courses in the following five core competency domains: Business Knowledge and Skills, Communication and Relationship Management, Knowledge of the Healthcare Environment, Professionalism, and Leadership.
  • Provided customized employee Program Training Portfolios.

Our Solution

We developed a customized, measurable and sustainable Professional Development Program. A training self-assessment survey provided an initial baseline inventory of the technical and professional skill set of the organization. We also inventoried all existing internal and external training courses, developed a centralized SharePoint training site, developed 15 training courses and taught several in-person courses, including Managed Care 101. Program success was measured through student evaluations and overall participation.

Business Benefits

Kenny & Company developed a comprehensive Professional Development Program to create positive change within the MSO, through job training, team building, and personal growth. The program contributes to employees having the technical, operational and interpersonal skills required to be successful in their positions, and support the organization.

About Kenny & Company

Kenny & Company is a management consulting firm offering Strategy, Operations and Technology services to our clients.

We exist because we love to do the work. After management consulting for 20+ years at some of the largest consulting companies globally, our partners realized that when it comes to consulting, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Instead, we’ve created a place where our ideas and opinions are grounded in experience, analysis and facts, leading to real problem solving and real solutions – a truly collaborative experience with our clients making their business our business.

We focus on getting the work done and prefer to let our work speak for itself. When we do speak, we don’t talk about ourselves, but rather about what we do for our clients. We’re proud of the strong character our entire team brings, the high intensity in which we thrive, and above all, doing great work.

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