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By Michael S. Kenny Category IT Strategy Consumer Packaged Goods

Business Challenge

Our client wanted to more cost-effectively deploy technologies that support their high-growth business objectives. This required making better decisions about what technologies they buy, build, and ultimately consume by shifting the debate from the cost of IT to the value it provides.

The key issues that faced our client were:

  • Developed an ad hoc “put-out-the-fire” IT approach rather than a proactive “service-the-business” IT approach.
  • Invested heavily on implementing CRM and ERP, yet much less on leveraging the resulting data as an enterprise asset.
  • Evolved as isolated teams of IT specialists focused on specific technology domains with “siloed” data and limited collaboration.
  • Lacked visibility into the real costs of IT, often resulting in tracking IT metrics that were disconnected to creating business value.

Client & Engagement Quick Facts

  • Five month project duration.
  • 60+ internal interviews with client’s executives and managers and 20+ interviews with competitors and technology experts.
  • 25 KPI’s to determine value from IT assets, resources, and costs.

Our Solution

Implemented a centralized Technology Business Management approach to maximize the business value of IT spending using data-driven analytics and decision making to manage the cost and quality of the IT services our client provides to the business. Improved financial transparency, data ownership, and accountability to evaluate our client’s IT, assess true cost for each service, and deploy applications that support business growth.

Business Benefits

With a TBM framework that accurately tracks IT costs and value delivered, our client can more accurately communicate the value of IT to their business leaders, reduce costs without sacrificing critical or necessary levels of service, and align technology spending with business priorities via a centralized, collaborative, data-first budgeting and planning process.

About Kenny & Company

Kenny & Company is a management consulting firm offering Strategy, Operations and Technology services to our clients.

We exist because we love to do the work. After management consulting for 20+ years at some of the largest consulting companies globally, our partners realized that when it comes to consulting, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Instead, we’ve created a place where our ideas and opinions are grounded in experience, analysis and facts, leading to real problem solving and real solutions – a truly collaborative experience with our clients making their business our business.

We focus on getting the work done and prefer to let our work speak for itself. When we do speak, we don’t talk about ourselves, but rather about what we do for our clients. We’re proud of the strong character our entire team brings, the high intensity in which we thrive, and above all, doing great work.

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