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Seven Insights: Deploying SAP HANA in the Cloud

By Ron Groenendaal Category High-Tech Consumer Packaged Goods Financial Services
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Efficiencies gained from deploying SAP HANA, an in-memory, relational database management system, in the cloud include lowering overall hardware, software, and labor costs by leveraging a technology platform with a smaller data footprint, automated data processing, faster application development, and the scalability to support growth.

Prioritize the cost savings derived from cloud hosting

Less on-premises infrastructure using SAP HANA in the cloud lowers the associated operational costs of power, heating, and cooling, hardware maintenance and replacement, disaster recovery, administration, support, and application hours lost due to downtime.

Create a simpler technology platform and landscape

With SAP HANA, merged transactional OLTP (On-Line Transactional Processing) and analytical OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) functions with shared libraries for business planning and prediction data simplify processes and resources by eliminating the need for separate systems, applications, and databases.

Leverage real-time analytics to reduce the data footprint

SAP HANA’s locally cached in-memory data compressions enhance processing and real-time analytics for transactional and operational data and decreases data aggregation, indexing, and duplication.

Automate data management, analytics, and business intelligence

Cloud automation tools simultaneously improve database performance and lower data management costs because less time is spent creating, running, and updating customized reports.

Build applications faster and more cost effectively

SAP HANA combines controlling business tasks (OLTP) with business planning, problem solving, and decision support (OLAP) that enables faster application development using rapid development tools and embedded libraries of analytical functions to reduce the code base and time spent on testing.

Support future growth with flexibility and scalability

Efficiently operating SAP HANA in the cloud offers fast implementation, flexibility based on a subscription to “pay-what- you-use” services, elasticity for seasonal spikes, and scalability depending on future growth and demand.

Maintain IT operational reliability and manageability

Manage IT by securing cloud Service Level Agreements with 24/7/365 99.99% availability, access to an aggregated pool of redundant IT resources, web-based user interfaces for monitoring applications and services, and vendor operated infrastructure with SLA backed agreements for updates and maintenance.


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