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Seven Insights: Best Practices to Manage Organizational Hyper-Growth

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Companies usually pay close attention to the strategic side of hyper-growth, how to grow and where, yet many underestimate the importance of the organizational changes needed to support their growth strategy. Effectively addressing organizational weaknesses during the implementation of growth strategies can give companies a significant competitive advantage.

Define an organizational growth strategy

As your organization grows, structural gaps in roles will occur. Identify and define the new middle management levels needed to support your growth and develop a plan to fill these roles.

Actively pursue succession planning

Through succession planning you will hire exceptional employees, develop their knowledge and skills, and prepare them for more challenging roles within your organization. This ensures that you will never have a key role open for which an employee is not prepared to fill.

Invest in your employees so they get invested in your growth and future

Investing in your employees is the foundation of creating an engaged workforce. Develop and implement an employee development program that includes personal and professional development opportunities, team building activities, and benefits and perks that matter to them.

Attrition will happen, plan for it

Assess how your workforce is changing and get ahead of the trend before it becomes a problem. As part of an attrition plan, understand employee’s roles and responsibilities and identify other team members within the organization that can temporarily fill key roles.

Develop a process to manage transition

Managing employee transition well is difficult. Implement an onboarding process to educate new employees about your organization’s culture and business, define roles and responsibilities, and build clear processes for knowledge transfer.

Foster a knowledge management and sharing culture

Have a methodology, process or strategy in place for the consolidation of key work products, processes and documents that support knowledge transfer.

Invest in tools and technologies to support your organizational growth strategy

As your organization grows and your teams change, you will need more sophisticated systems and processes to support your brand promotion, recruiting process life cycle, and talent development and management.

About the Author

Sandra Miranda is a Sr. Consultant at Kenny & Company. Sandra has over 10 years of experience providing Process Development, Program Management, Project Management, and Business Strategy services. Sandra holds a Master of Business Administration from Instituto de Empresas Business School, Spain; and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Universidad Metropolitana, Venezuela. She also has a PMP certification and a Scrum Master certification.

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